lexi (sometimes alexis), I am a photo maker in Boston

business inquiries

curious cats

I made the purchase of all purchases today

and on monday, I will be getting the package of all packages

and you know what that means …….

:D :D :D

  1. ashti said: I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU OMG
  2. quiet-quiet said: Nice! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!
  3. eamolleh said: congrats, love.
  4. uesbee said: THE camera!
  5. ashirajade said: oooooh girrrrrlllllll! p.s. happy thanksgiving and I hope that you’re doing well:)
  6. raccoonology replied:
  7. ntimajpreusser said: hallelujah.
  8. hannahdavis said: :D!!
  9. mmmeowgan said: what kind did you buy??? =]
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