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so, I have 2 new blogposts and I redid my blog (let me know if it gets glitchy or weird, I have only tested it on my computer)

one post from my shoot with laura

and one post about the beginning of my 365

(I bet you didn’t see that one coming, and I guess I didn’t either at first but I would like to go big or go home)

let’s do this

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    favourite photographers doing projects always makes me really want to do one. kinda wish i’d done a...
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  3. omsnoms said: the second image and the final image of the 365 post are SO. FUCKING. GOOD. oh my god. gasping 4 breath hair because they are so gorgeous and like….just really layered and i really emotionally connect w/them. i want to start a 365 YOUVE INSPIRED ME
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  6. twopaperbirds said: amazing! In the first laura post, the words are super spaced out though..
  7. emilygt said: hi I am really excited that you are doing another 365, for some reason it seems so different, like a different level of maturity, since it’s been awhile since your first one and you’re already an established photographer if that makes sense. :)
  8. ilikestarwars said: Love how you redid your blog. Also love the last photo in the 365 post. Wonderful work as always.
  9. xyloscope said: ugh who the HECK ARE YOU!
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    You’re starting your new 365 on my birthday awww :’) Obviously you didn’t do that on purpose but it’s like a birthday...
  11. caitiborruso said: good for you, Lexi :) good luck
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