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hi guys!

I am really stoked to announce that I have finally wrapped up my three month project that focused on the back roads of U.S. Highway 301, which I have deemed ‘A Narrow Stretch’.

Some of these photos will be featured on my website and I have also put together a book of the finalized images that is now available as an ebook for iPad for $4.99!

By November 27th I will have hard copies of the book available for those who are interested, I am not sure of the price on those but I am sure it’ll be quite a bit more than 4.99 ;) I’ll try to make them as cheap as possible because I want my work to be accessible so people who want to see and own it so stay tuned for that

This project was really different for me, as most of you are aware I am a big time self portrait artist so this was going in a total different direction and I am really proud of myself and of how these photos turned out

If you want to own the digital copy of the book click here and order from blurb!

thank you thank you times a million for even taking the time to read this and look at the photos, I hope you guys like it and if you are interested in seeing more images they will be up on my website sometime this evening!

<3 <3 <3

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