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So I made my last payment for Italy in the summer (t-minus one month!) and I was wondering if anyone could give me some good travel tips? I will be gone for six weeks and I will be walking a lot. I am looking to find a good pair of walking shoes if you can recommend anything. Really just any general tips to pack minimally and efficiently and to travel safely would be greatly appreciated :)


  1. femininerealm answered: I bought a pair of Vans to take with me to Paris and I walked in them all day for 8 day straight with no problem. Black ones match everything
  2. ifitnevercomesagain answered: Find out what the locals wear and wear it so you don’t stick out as much and are a target for thieves.
  3. howzitgoing2end answered: compression bags- organize underwear and socks in one; buy wicking materials to due laundry less; roll your clothes so they fit; chaco sandal
  4. marissa-n-m answered: Be mindful that the electrical plugs are different for European countries than in America. You might have to buy a converter!
  5. curbsidequo answered: Make sure your ATM card works in Italy/confirm with your bank the countries you plan on visiting!
  6. anyapotato answered: remember that you’re going to have a washerand bring a weeks worth of clothes and just wash them. Also you will only need one jacket
  7. sleepless-sky answered: you will wear fewer clothes than you think, make photocopies of all your docs and leave a copy of everything at home, just in case.
  8. kinsleesuzanne answered: rome will be HOTTTT and humid. i was fine wearing my old broken in chuck taylors but idk if that’s a good recommendation.
  9. whatemilysaid answered: bring a water bottle because there are fresh water fountains everywhere. birkenstocks are comfy to walk in & super cheap to buy a pair there
  10. lieselss answered: Pack minimally but stylishly! Try to find shoes that are comfy/stand up to walking but don’t scream “tourist”
  11. kourtquirks said: Don’t get involved with the police force there
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  13. medias-res answered: definitely pack minimally, i had to lug around my suitcase everywhere and it was awful haha
  14. betweenourhomes answered: Definitely bring your own sturdy water bottle.The water flavor powder packets are also good, you’ll drink more water if you like the taste.
  15. lunitalaura answered: you can borrow my birkenstocks, you will LOVE them.
  16. spiderthan said: I was in Italy for 4 weeks last summer, so message me on FB if you wanna know more! YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!
  17. spiderthan answered: Good shoes, water bottle, make sure you can tie your backpack shut, map of each city, read about the city before you go, WATER IS EXPENSIVE
  18. fortheloveoftrousers answered: don’t bring cotton shirts, they take forever to dry after being washed.
  19. pete-the-punk said: Oh my gosh! I’m going to be in Italy from June 15th-July 2nd!
  20. childrenslaughter answered: best walking shoes money can buy —> img3.etsystatic.com/000…
  21. juliyeti answered: so excited for you! :D
  22. alisongamm answered: where at in Italy are you going?
  23. beedoofy answered: i lived in italy for two months actually, sunglasses, dont talk to the street vendors, shorts and tee shirts are good
  24. lauraameyerr answered: Roll your clothes! Makes packing so much more compact than with folding.
  25. faketruth answered: food is EXPENSIVE! as silly as it sounds pack LOTS of granola bars and stuff on your luggage so you can keep them at the hotel with you
  26. miserabilia answered: buy the lonely planet italy guide, it’s really good. don’t buy one for each city individually.
  27. my5tic41andshit said: but you can wash everything else in the sink. also make sure you leave room in your suitcase, you’ll wanna bring some beautiful stuff home!
  28. my5tic41andshit answered: roll your clothes! bring laundry detergent or buy some. bring plenty of undies (you don’t want a yeast infection from washing it in the sink)
  29. hannahdavis answered: roll everything when you pack, don’t fold. maybe invest in a safe bag for passport and money since italy can have pickpockets. have fun!!
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