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Cyprien Gaillard, The Recovery of Discovery, 2011
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin
From top – Photo: Uwe Walter, Josephine Walter, anna. k.o.

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June 28 2012
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Korakrit Arunanondchai 

“Arunanondchai weaves such icons as the snake, the cross, and the jewel throughout his art: they are items readymade in meaning, connoting a million disparate things in different contexts. This art asks, in this moment, what does the transmigrated symbol mean? The artist transforms not only the symbol and Bosch’s art, but also his own pieces, creating more and more abstracted iterations of them until they can exists only as solitary objects, installed in a fantasy gallery in a digital world.” - Columbia University.

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June 20 2012
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Paraísos Desplegables (Pop-Up Paradises) is a solo exhibition at the Faena Arts Center built by Argentinean artistManuel Ameztoy. The installation is showcasing in a 2,066 square foot cathedral space, where various cuts andnon-woven fabrics are stitched together.

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June 10 2012
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June 9 2012
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June 9 2012
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Field of Light

by Bruce Munro

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May 28 2012
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